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Friday, February 11, 2011

Banchetto in Ortigas

It’s been awhile that we were planning to experience Banchetto. We didn’t know that it is located just on the place where our niece residing. She invited us to her place then we tried it.

Banchetto is an Italian word means feast. In deed it’s a feast, where we found a wide array of food ready to eat. Mostly stalls are cooking their food to be sold right there, in front of the customers. There are native delicacies from different provinces that can be found there. International cuisines are there.

At first the target market was the growing population of call center agents in the place. It is now a tourist attraction in the place, every Friday night till Saturday morning it is open. A certain portion of the road is closed. One should wear a casual clothes and comfortable shoes because there are a huge number of people and couldn’t easily pass thru. At the end of line of stalls there are tables and chairs but usually there is no vacancy so be ready to eat on the side of the road or eat standing anywhere that you can. There is a live band that makes the night lively.

When we reached the end of the stalls we were already perspiring but it was fun….new experience!

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