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Friday, May 14, 2010

NABCA CAVE – Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

It’s the first time that I explored a cave that most of the course I had to crab walk and crawl. This cave has different species like bats, crablets, shrimp, spider and a lot more. At first it was exciting do the crab walk. The entrance was so small and short that one should do the crab walk, one by one in entering the cave. After almost more or less 50 meters of crab walk there was a 20 meters of area where everyone can stand. The stalactite and stalagmites are not that amazing like the ones in Sagada but the thrill was more on crawling in entering and going out of the cave. There is a cave connection where the explorer can go out in a mountain. Mostly those who explore this cave that path are omitted because the course has stagnant water and the passage is so small smaller than the one in the entrance. It is the part that has to craw till one goes out of the cave. Those who have claustrophobia should not enter this cave. But we decided to try and experience how to crawl in a short and small with stagnant water path so we did the course. I experienced to be tensed because there was a part where when I insert my head in the path that has water, I had to submerge my face just to pass. Our tour guides lacked of flashlight so I couldn’t see clearly the path. Nevertheless I enjoyed that part it’s a different experience.
After the trek we had a refreshing buko (young coconut) juice. And it made us more refresh and enjoy the place.

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