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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cotton Like Clouds

Align CenterWhile on board in an airplane to Legaspi City, I was too bored when suddenly I looked outside the window and these clouds greeted me with a smile and joy. They're the ones who let me forget the boredness and the excitement of going home. As the plane was flying they followed us as if they're playing with me. They let me feel blessed and happy while they were entertaining me with this beautiful view.

Pile of Cottons

Clouds are running after me...

As If they were dancing before my eyes

Up up up away!


Maus said...

parehas kita joy enjoy magparahiling kan clouds, feeling ko angel ako hehehehe
yap kilala ko fr,arnold..
his sister is a friend of mine. and pirmi syang nasa legazpi kaito na seminaryo pa sya.

chubskulit said...

Oh wow, you captured a real beauty joyce! Gayunon man ini!

Azurin pala ang last name kan naging istructor ko sa Theo kaito.. Sofriends ko man Equipado and Morco an last names..

beach philippines said...

I wanna play in the clouds XD.